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About us

Since its setup, the company has been carrying out technological innovation, business innovation and management innovation. After years of efforts and development, it has become the world's top provider of mobile communications value-added service, online show system providers and Internet plus solution provider.

Development History

Shenzhen Yetelcom Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2009. Every step has been consolidated. Every achievement is the crystallization of the hard work and wisdom of all employees.

Employee's life

Happy work and healthy life. The company organizes rich and colorful cultural and sports activities to relax and move forward happily.

Adhering to the separation of business and core platform, it integrates dozens of interfaces and capabilities for docking with the core network of operators. At present, more than 40 million users are running on the platform, creating 2 billion commercial value for customers every year.

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Message Delivery

The system adopts a mechanism of large capacity concurrent connection pool and real-time connection to push messages directly to the user's mobile phone within 10 seconds.


This is a carrier level map protocol / cap protocol gateway device specially designed and developed for operators. It is widely used in mobile one card multi number service, USSD service, intelligent network service, international roaming service, etc.


CRBT DIY is based on TTS technology, and realizes the integration of text content and personalized voice content in the form of community.